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We are Consejo

We are Consejo

At Consejo we use summer vacation to rethink education. We provide spaces for students to explore new interests and abilities through innovative, high-impact summer learning experiences. We then take what we learn and apply it in the classroom during the school year.

Our programs and methodology are based in research, evidence and best practices. We look for excellence and rigor in all that we do.

We strive to motivate students, develop their curiosity, and inspire them to view education with joy. Our programs emphasize the development of skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, communication, collaboration, and self management.

Our goal is to transform schools in Chile and Latin America. Every student should have access to a quality education that challenges, inspires, and prepares them for success..






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About us

Consejo de Curso works in Chile and Latin America to inspire children and young people discover their interests, curiosity, and love of learning.

WE ASPIRE to create a world in which all young people live an education that develops, supports, and propels their unique abilities.

WE BELIEVE that an inspiring, entertaining and challenging education is key to leading happy, successful and purposeful lives.

WE CREATE evidence-based educational programs both within and outside the classroom. We model the schools of the future.